Chicago back in the Playoffs!


With the playoffs right around the corner and wrapping up the season. The Bulls take a 95-92 win over the Wizards to go out in style. They stay/finish 5th in the East and prepare to take on a brilliant Brooklyn Nets team (4th), but the big question is, Will Chicago Bulls star PG Derrick Rose return in the playoffs and contend or wait until next year? Without Rose many fans aren’t seeing too much Red this upcoming playoffs but still hold hopes he returns and The Bulls challenge Miami in the east.

– William


Chicago Bulls Streakbusters or Streak Needer?

Chicago Bulls Streakbusters or Streak Needer?

As we all know lately the Chicago Bulls has ended winning streaks for both the New York Knicks at 13 games and the Miami Heat at 27, but with the NBA Playoffs around the corner and The Bulls not knowing whether they will have their key player, (Derrick Rose who tore his ACL last year playoffs first round.). The Chicago Bulls are definitely a team that needs to start finding a way to win and carry it into the playoffs. Knowing Coach Thibs he know it to and he have full confidence in our team.

But that brings us to the big question, Who will step up to the plate? I have 3 different Players.

Jimmy Butler who has been a big key to those to games against the Knicks and the Heat, has been sensational lately. He’s elevated his game and looks like a promising Starting Shooting Guard next year for The Bulls.

Carlos Boozer, In January and early February Carlos was making his presence felt on the court. Which he made a strong case for the ALL-Star game but did not make it. He was leading the Bulls to many victories in this time period and the Bulls were still sticking around that 2nd 3rd seed. Lately Boozer still have his double-doubles but is killing Bulls on the defense and he have to step up defensively and a bit offensively if the Bulls want to win.

Joakim Noah, with Wild Jo back on the floor for the Bulls i feel alot better, knowing he is in the paint and him and Boozer grabbing 30+ rebounds together is a good sign. The Bulls really need their big man back and healthy and ready to play.

Overall Bulls have 3 key players out. ( Taj Gibson, PF. Derrick Rose, PG. Joakim Noah, C.